NZ – Church, Govt and Men and their FAMILIES Groups promote Child Trafficking

New Zealand has failed our Kids by using the same excuses as posted on Equal Parenting @ Ration Shed under the heading ** USA – Randi James – Only a Minority of Families with Court-Ordered Joint Custody are Able to Co- Parent**


My and many other cases expose another problem in that my Sons Mother has been fully supported by Social Services from the moment of his Birth.


I believe she has trafficked her body, deceived me with her false affections and now traffics him in order to get what we call in New Zealand the DPB – I.E. NZGovt support Child Trafficking.


We have had several forms of FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting** over the years since my Son was 2 – While able to work I overoad her trafficking and the NZGovt support with my good income and lots of help from friends and family, both male and female.


Then in mid 2000, I faced up to increasing pain in my chest as it simply got to much to discover, I had overridden Angina and serious reflux pain for many years – After several procedures which still continue today and much co-operation on behalf other medical fraternity and friends we never missed our by then week about **Equal Parenting**.


BUT! Then I had become dependent on Social Services and am most thankful they granted me a Single Persons Invalids Benefit .


WOW seems wonderful BUT!


MSD – WINZ – Our social Services refused and still refuse to recognise our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**.


BY the miracle working power of God we managed week about **Equal Parenting** with NO help from MSD WINZ for 9 years.


I simply gave up after 9 years of battling WINZ and our local Men and their FAMILIES groups for support WINZ financially – Mens groups politically.


Our Men and their FAMILIES groups have also chastised me for not being able to work as most are so arrogant not to recognise that I simply can’t.


Javan, my Son now 13 has lived with his Mother full time for nearly a year with full support from MSD – WINZ and our local Churches, even mine.


We have had a change of Government in this time and I did hope they would be more FAMILY Friendly simply because they claim to be – How naive I was.


Where to from here


We will see were God leads me


I have run out of ideas with Church, Govt and our local Men and their FAMILIES groups either standing against those of us caught in this regime or simply too apathetic to stand with us.


Onward – Jim


One Response to NZ – Church, Govt and Men and their FAMILIES Groups promote Child Trafficking

  1. Bronwen Irene Williams says:

    Hello and welcome great to have you aboard please take in info I have put up which give you further info re feeds into my direct link not only local internationl but global also. There is an organisation called Fathers For Justice also in the Uk. Must get some sleep once again please access the feeders I have built they are there to fight for justice if you google me you will find “The Alternative Story Of Cressroads” join me “Write To Right The World” This is direct feed also click into ningcampoops my social networking website still under development click into by Alan Charlesworth there is quite a lot of reading. God Bless slllleeeeppppppppppx

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