USA – CA – Teri Stoddard – Northern California dad travels to DC to confront President Obama

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Earlier this year Obama asked fathers to step up, to be there for their children.  Donald Tenn, Fathers 4 Justice President, and Madison’s Daddy says he wants President Obama to step up.  To help parents, usually fathers, who are illegally* prevented from parenting their children.  (*and legally via corruption)

Tenn, a stay-at-home daddy whose daughter was illegally abducted by her mother to Illinois, is meeting with members of Families 4 Justice, Fathers 4 Justice and other family rights advocates in DC Sunday.  They’re uniting for the 2009 Parental Justice March, where they will be asking President Obama to step up for family rights.  Tenn left California headed towards Washington DC on Monday. 

Corruption has been exposed all the way from the family court system to the US State Dept, and they want Obama to intervene.  People are traveling from all over, including a father coming from Japan, and they represent hundreds of thousands of parents who’ve had their rights denied.   Parents in every state say they want Obama to step up for parental rights.

After driving through a storm with hail the size of golf balls, Tenn was sitting in a fast food joint in Nebraska when a young man approached him.  “I saw your signs, that you’re with Fathers 4 Justice,” he said, “I haven’t seen my daughter in five months, and tomorrow is her birthday.  Can you help me?” 

Unfortunately the child had been abducted to a state that Tenn had already passed through, or he would have given the grieving father a ride.   “I felt bad for the guy.  He couldn’t have been more than 21-years-old,” Tenn said, “I told him to get on the internet so he could unite with the rest of us, to change the laws that allow this to happen.” 

Donald Tenn at the 2009 Fatherless Day Rally in Sacramento:


More parent speakers at the Sacramento 2009 Fatherless Day Rally

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