Australia – Proposed roll back of Shared Parenting Laws in Australia

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Peter van de Voorde – July  2009


Why are we so surprised that the current crops of legislators have turned out no different then the last lot??????  Have we forgotten that it was the whole of the Australian Parliament who voted for the watered down, ineffective changes to the destructive Family Laws, which have continued to plague our society for the past 35 years? Now they are looking at rolling them back!


The suggestion has been made that we all write letters to our politicians, but “Hello” we have been doing that for the past 35 years and it has proved a useless exercise, which has brought about no effective change. That is unless one believes the Howard Government changes were a success.


These changes were put forward as a cure-all solution, and an unsuspecting community swallowed this spin, hook line and sinker. However it was a Band-aid solution being promoted as a cure for cancer. In other words it has proved to be political quackery!      


Consequently we see how easy it is to change a Band-aid in order to placate the next generation of toxic swill, who are feeding off the forced removal of children from their parents. You simply cannot cure a skin cancer by covering it with a Band-aid!


There are many who have worked tirelessly at bringing about a fair and just change, and there is no question that their hearts are in the right place. However there are also new voices to be heard, bringing new innovative ideas, also victims of the system, many are experienced in the use of a plethora of new communication technologies available to the current generation. These new voices need to be encouraged to be part of the discourse, in order to bring these human rights abuses to the attention of the general public. 


After all, our Parliament and its bureaucracies, which are stacked to the rafters by those driving their own twisted personal agenda of what is best for the nation’s parents and their children, continues to ignore the wishes of the vast majority of the general public, on the continuity of shared parenting following parental separation. While at the same time the voices of reason and logic have been ignored and ridiculed.


If anyone should be in doubt about the direction of this “back to the future” Australian Government, one needs to look no further, then the appointment by our current  AG, of former Family Court judge Richard Chisholm to review family law processes.


This relic of the disgraced “Nicholson” era, who happily sang songs at a Family Law convention, making fun of the despair of the nation’s responsible fathers and their children, who were being forcibly separated by him and his cronies, is now going to advise our Government on what is “In the Best Interest of Our Children”. This is akin to asking Hitler to adjudicate on what is best for the Jews, following the Holocaust.


These destructive relics of a bygone era, who are now desperately trying to position themselves as protectors of children, in order to try and escape historically being held responsible for the horrific damage they have inflicted on Australian family bonds, are firmly in the camp of the anti Shared Parenting lobby and undoubtedly society and history, will hold them accountable.


I concur with the following observations, and am convinced that unless we stop hacking at the branches and learn to clearly identify and strike at the root, we are wasting our time and energy. 


“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.”   — Henry David Thoreau    


“Family Law and its Injustice are much like a boil – it just festers and gets bigger and more painful and just worsens all the time until it bursts on its own or else the surgeon lances it. Give it time, as the festering judiciary – like a pus-filled boil – will rapaciously expand under its own vile, self aggrandizing greed and sadistic arrogance until it bursts leaving society to clean up the mess. Or, a rebellion will inevitably occur. I ”ain’t no physicist, but there are natural laws governing the expansion of gases in relation to volume and mass (Boyle’s law)  and so in society the seizure of humanitarian “space” by the invasive evil sphere (whether Nazism or the sadistic gender bigotry and demagoguery of the judiciary) is destined to eventually self destruct. This may, or may not, occur in the time frame of our own lives. Until it is eliminated, millions of fathers and their children tragically have been – are and will be – victims”.

Dr. Richard Weiss

Director: Dads of Alabama, USA


Peter van de Voorde
Producer and Presenter
Singer, Songwriter


One Response to Australia – Proposed roll back of Shared Parenting Laws in Australia

  1. Mike Murphy says:

    Amen to that Peter. Dads having a small taste of more fairness hopefully won’t roll over. As OZ goes so may other jurisdictions and in Canada we are trying to get a shared parenting law in place. The victim feminists here are watching your situation.

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