UK – Liars who cry rape strike at the heart of our justice system

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Comment  by George Rolph


This is how effective the drip, drip, drip of pressure is. Less than 6 years ago this story would never have appeared in the press. Constant articles written on the subject along with huge and unrelenting pressure to get the press to listen to the people results in a sea change of attitudes and stuff like this happening. I know you will not but it bares repeating, never give in to those around you calling for you to shut up. Never be afraid to be critical of the press in general and individual journalists. The same goes for MPs. Pressure, pressure, pressure is the key and that pressure needs to become louder and more insistent the deafer they are. Developing good relationships with a few key journalists is also vital. Not being afraid to say HE was wrong when HE obviously is, as well as talking about when the feminists are wrong and SHE is wrong. It’s all about counter propaganda and making the most of every single opportunity. Getting as many collegues in the movement as possible to speak out in many different way and coherently.

I know you know this but there are many out there in the Men’s Movement who do not. They are not working with any strategy in mind and we need to dial them in and get them working together with one aim. Screaming about “feminazis” is totally counter productive because it sounds extreme and people flee from extremists views most of the time. Going onto male boards is OK provided that we go there with these aims in our minds and a determination to impose them on the other members of the board. That is, treat the extremists as the children they are and tell them to grow up. Not by doing nothing but arguing and fighting (though a slap down is needed sometimes) but also by persuasion and, if the individual will not listen, do to him or her what you would do to a naughty child and do not talk to them until they behave. When we find mature activist we MUST value them. Their level of intelligence is not as important as their commitment to the fight and if they can co-operate, then they are gold.


Keep up the pressure. It works and use it where ever there is an audience.


God bless the men and help us to stand up again.





Liars who cry rape strike at the heart of our justice system

By Richard O’hagan
Last updated at 2:00 PM on 22nd July 2009


Jennifer Day: Jailed for two years

Rape. It’s a hugely emotive issue, so let’s get the basic stuff out of the way first.

Rape and other sexual assaults are, without doubt, the second most heinous crimes on our statute book, ranking just behind those offences which result in actual death but well ahead of all the other assaults that can be perpetrated against an individual.

At the core of the justice system, which exists to punish those who commit crimes, is the expectation that victims will tell the truth about the things which have happened to them.

Lying subverts the whole process and, arguably, to lie in court is to commit a far worse offence than the one committed against you. Quite rightly, the courts are quick to punish those who lie to them – as Jonathan Aitken and Jeffrey Archer found out to their cost.

All of this makes it even more remarkable that anyone would want to falsely claim that they have been raped, yet such cases appear to be on the increase. The conviction of Jennifer Day is just one of several cases this year – yet each case is apparently no deterrent to others.

One of the reasons for this may be the comparatively light sentences handed out to the accusers. A man convicted falsely of rape faces a sentence of life imprisonment, whereas the false accuser’s jail term is unlikely to exceed the two years given to Ms Day. That is a heck of a discrepancy, whichever way you look at it.


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The obvious answer is to make the punishment for lying about the offence akin to the punishment which the wrongfully accused would have faced if convicted of it.

This would bring lying into line with the law on criminal attempts; attempting to commit a crime and failing attracts exactly the same penalty as committing the crime in virtually all situations.

Would Ms Day – or any other woman convicted of the offence in the past – have done something quite so foolish if she had known it would lead to a potential life sentence?

As Judge Ian Graham rightly pointed out to Ms Day, lying about rape makes it that much more difficult for other rape victims to have their cases taken seriously and that much more difficult for prosecutors to secure convictions in even the most deserving of cases.

What he could have gone on to say is that liars strike at the very heart of our justice system. Judges now need proper powers to sentence them.

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