NZ – Political Busker clarifies a fathers coalition and various other important New Zealand Issues

Ben Et al,


Well said Ben the Political Busker


Proud to be your colleague in a fathers coalition


Your clarity below may just get it off the ground and promote ALL Kiwis to have their say from the grass roots and reduce the control of the Gatekeepers blocking the return of Justice and power to the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** from our Nation


Onward – Jim

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Tena koe Allan, 

As you know, I do not think little pockets of conversations in one place or another is particularly helpful. I think it is the condition of a manipulative society: which is at the depth of my controversy. This is why I can confidently say Radio New Zealand and the Families Commission, the Human Rights Commission, and NZ on Air, etc have actively cultivated gender discrimination against fatherhood. So I have taken this opportunity to prepare from my perspective, cooperation and participation of those prepared to disassemble that corruption.


The first matter of principle to discuss is what is the alleged Fathers Coalition?  It appears to me that the ignorance of the building power of discrimination against fatherhood cannot conceptualise the efficiency of this body. It is a body of fathers. Its spelling is without capitalisation. It does not have any spokesperson. Each dad talks for himself. Each dad is protected and supported to talk for himself. Each dad is of a father’s coalition. 


What appears to be missing in your missive is a factor that extensive information is before the radio station and the collective Commissions that disclose an effect to disengage “due process”. Due process is the foundation of English Law. RNZ have for some considerable period has accorded their authority for an unlawful exception of democracy to keep this information suppressed. This information, however, is making its way into Court. Those Court proceedings, if they can advance over and above the effects of the challenged conspiracy will disassemble the functionality of the prevalent cartel of an extreme unlawful feminist jurisprudence.


Kerry Bevin of the Republic Party of New Zealand came down from Auckland for the Families Commission meeting. You may not know that I claim in my wider politics that I am Her Majesty the Queen’s loyal subject protecting Her jurisdiction from its overthrow (as presently in function) and right to negotiate rule in New Zealand. My task is to bring the improprieties of that have taken root in this nation from facilitating in corrupted dominance. The public are still more important than the dollar and while it is that we have a media dominated in propaganda to effect unlawful controls there is a lot to disengage.


Before such alternative controls of power can be responsibly instituted in this country, the matters I draw before the Courts, and eventually Her Majesty (obviously the wider public), the constitution of the nation must be rationalised. While it is bodies like the Families Commission are playing God against the challenges on the damage done by feminising New Zealand, the longer and more negative will be that rationalisation.


As I have discussed with Kerry Bevin overnight, I will be taking the Commission into Court for judicial review, unless this “extreme body” is invited to make their submission to government. I am in several other proceedings to achieve the same end and at some stage irrespective of how the media manipulates its function in order to achieve an unlawful end, I will have the facts (against innuendo), engaged. The task before fathers in coalition is to prepare the agenda for representation.    

— On Thu, 23/7/09, Allan Harvey <> wrote:
From: Allan Harvey <>

Hi Jim and others,

The time given to this item by Radio NZ and the content covered has nothing to do with the Families Commission.  It is a journalistic and producers decision from National Radio.

I was actively cultivating Radio NZ through Lisa Palma before she died, some of the actions of others were decidedly unhelpful to this.


Working with Media can be very frustrating; On Tuesday night I spoke three times to TVNZ but they dropped the item in favour of the Clayton Weatherston story.  I was approached by National Radio the next day and I gave them contact details for Philip Chapman whose item was pretty good I thought.  I was also interviewed by Rob Holding from Radio Rhema in the afternoon. 


I don’t find the Families Commission arrogant, have you read their briefing notes that I think were given to Craig and Ben yesterday.  I was dropped something off today which I attach.  I assume it was what was given to Ben, Craig and Richard yesterday. 


Since Kim Workman has been there he has been working hard at getting some male stuff running.  He has a lot of stuff happening which relates to his other interest of Prison reform (Workman is formerly the head of Corrections).


As you will have noted they have a very firm line when it comes to things they perceive as “child abuse”.  They understand that the group who planned to visit them yesterday were associated with the Coalition.  Jim Bagnall, Craig, Ben, Yourself all openly associate with this group.  Jim used to be a member of Republican Party.  I’m not surprised that they may have concluded it was not wise to meet people who wrote or distributed the flyer in question.


I have not read the “offensive” flyer, I know nothing about the proposed meeting, I have not seen letters from the commission.  I do understand their door is still open if matters can be clarified.  What is one organisations “standards” is another’s arrogance.  The Families commission can be arrogant , they hold more cards, funding, influence than we do.  Personally I think the idea of protesting yesterday is just making it more difficult for the rest of us.




From: Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior [] 



The time given to our Commission affair was just over 4 minutes


It covered very little of the interview time


Also the Commissions arrogance is apparent to me


Onward – Jim

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From: Allan Harvey []

I think you are creating a conspiracy where there is nothing.


The link to the radio nz interview is:  the item can
be found on the MP3 download under Top Stories right at the top.
Unfortunately the link to it in the body of the programme has been
replaced with the Naked Cowboy story .. no idea why!


It runs from 18 minutes until 22mins 30 seconds or so.


Allan Harvey
22 Margaret Road
P.O. Box 2119
Kapiti Coast
New Zealand


Phone (04) 299 1877
Fax (04) 902 1248
Mobile 027 242 0112

From: Benjamin Easton <>

Father steers buses at Commission argument  

After the Families Commission cancelled a meeting with a delegation of five father representatives, all with respected credentials, relating to social service in New Zealand, other fathers joined with two more devout members of the delegation, who turned up to be heard regardless of the cancellation, staging a protest.  


Registered Psychologist Craig Jackson and former teacher, now leader of the Republic Party of New Zealand, Kerry Bevin, were excluded from the meeting on the grounds that an Auckland father, veteran protester Jim Bagnall, organised pamphlet drops on schools targeting young men. The Commission claimed that this intention was “…anti-family, an attack on the wellbeing of young men in their formative years, and counter-productive to the cause of seeking greater fathering input into the policies and decisions of agencies dealing with family disputes and partnership break up.”


Mr Jackson and Mr Bevin were joined by Palmerston North father Richard Lay, dressed in a skeleton suit; Wellington ’s Political Busker, Benjamin Easton, and another Wellington father, Bernard O’Shaughnessy. Mr Lay was dressed in the suit to dramatise to the Commission that the 300 suicide men a year were not represented by mainstream views and those views in a large part contributed to the high number of deaths. Dr Viv ian Roberts of Hastings , who was invited to the meeting and who has extensively researched material on the matter of suicide did not travel down to Wellington after the meeting was cancelled.  


Mr Easton, who is presently known for his action trying to stop private buses being run through a pedestrian mall in Wellington central, denies that the media release issued by the Commission in response to the protest represents an honest or credible position from a government department acting in the public interest.


“Unionism around the world was built through our forefathers winning the right of association against a tyranny of the employers exploiting workers vulnerability” says Easton . “So what is so different now? Not only are fathers being told they are not allowed to associate with each other if they want the freedom to speak, but the biggest reason for them wanting that speech is because they are denied association with their sons and daughters. Cancelling the meeting was an abrogation of association, enshrined under our Bill of Rights” he says..    


The media release put out by the Commission in reply to the protest clearly denies that the coalition has any reasonable argument to offer. The Commission “completely rejects the coalition’s accusation that it has been captured by a feminist agenda”.


“How would the Commission know if it will not listen to what we have to say?” says a frustrated Easton . “It is the same as putting buses through the pedestrian mall” he continues. “Apparently, only Council knows what is best. These actions are undemocratic and done as if the authorities possess the world: This means we have about one male suicide a day protected by an authority exempt from any form of gender criticism. It is like driving a bus right through the heart of the male, simply because it preserves the collective composure of modern women”.


Benjamin Easton 027 390 2169   

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Onward – Jim


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