NZ – Another Family Court Suicide

This was distributed as a pamplet @ the Auckland FAMILIES Commission yesterday – They Blocked us from deliverying it to them on the day so Jim Bagnall returned this mornoing to deliver it – He was told that they were not interested – He offered them his phone number for when they may be interested as we would return to protest until the Families Commission had ears for us – Go Jimmy – Onward – Jim

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Another Family Court Suicide?


 Two children were abducted to England by their mother.


– Returned to New Zealand under ‘Hague’s Convention’.


– False allegations continue; ten false allegations of Breaching a Protection Order investigated by Police.


– Father had to have supervised access (glowing reports from supervised centre).


– Father clashed with Judge and Counsel for Child over full contact.


– Supervised contact cut off from more false allegations.


– Father protests; -sectioned to Mental Health facility by Judge; found to be fine, released in under five hours.


– Further psychological reports ordered by the Court showed he was fine to see children.


– Judge ignored extended family’s pleas to have contact with children.


– Judge produces memorandum that says even if there is a hearing, he will not be allowed to see his children.


– Father has contacted the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Justice to plead to have any contact with his children.




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I have Court documentation that proves a Judge, a Court appointed Counsel for Child and my wife’s Barristers have all lied in the Family Court.


Why are these people not accountable to someone?




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