NZ – FAMILIES Commission Visits and DEMOS Wellington -&- Auckland – Listen to Radio News Zealand Morning report to hear their interview

As you may know – The so called FAMILIES Commission cancelled a meeting with 5 FATHERS, 3 of whom are Grand Fathers because our colleague Jim Bagnall, also in the drive to gain recognition for the **Whole Natural Biological FAMILY** has dared to distribute TRUTHFUL pamphlets warning College Boys how easy it is to lose their future Children.


Now we see that the NZ Senior FAMILY Court Judge Boshier is promoting the expansion of his Empire of Injustice with other carefully Spin Doctored pamphlets into schools we see why they are upset at Jimmy upstaging them.


Around 400,000 NZ Children have lost half, mainly the Paternal side of their FAMILY due to generations of destructive FAMILY Law and Social Policy and its purveyors and their hirelings, Judges, Lawyers, psychologists, counsellors, Bureaucrats, so called Child Support, so called FAMILY Court, MSD WINZ – MSD CYFS – etc. and now it seems the so called FAMILIES Commission.


Not only has the FAMILIES Commission deemed Biological FATHERS and Grand FATHERS should NOT associate with their Children but they have also made it clear that FATHERS and Grand FATHERS should not associate with one another.


FAMILIES Commission HQ – Wellington


2 Grand Fathers visited the Commission @ the original meeting time 1pm today, to find their way in securely BLOCKED

They were interviewed by Radio New Zealand and joined the 3 FATHERS protesting outside the commission.


We hope to have more detail about the Wellington visit and protest soon and on Radio New Zealand in the Morning Report


FAMILIES Commission – Auckland


2 Grand FATHERS, 1 Grand MOTHER and 2 FATHERS protested outside the Commission at the same time as Wellington today – Many pamphlets were given out and many passers by shared their stories – 2 were currently attempting to retrieve their Kids and are currently going thru the so called FAMILY Court, we will be encouraging them – Several asked that our 3 megaphones be turned down and were promptly told by interested passersby that we were telling the truth – It was nice not to have to defend ourselves for once.


One of our FATHERS ventured inside to give the so called FAMILIES Commission our pamphlet to find the building secured and his way BLOCKED.


Onward – Jim

See what we are up to @ Ration Shed HQ in comments


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