UK – State of the Nation in Comments on article headed – Labour must rescue the lost generation – The same arrogant BULLShit applies here in NZ, does it not?

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George Rolph

on July 21, 2009

at 06:34 AM


Mary Riddell, things must e desperate when socialist luvvers like yourself have to trot our old Bill Clinton quotes in an effort to find something positive to say to Gordon and his pals in order to bolster their flagging morale.

Even this headline is so far out of whack with reality it is stomach turning. It was the labour party who caused this generation to get lost in the first place! Why the hell would anyone, with one ounce of sanity, want to trust them with rescuing it?

I could sit here and spend well over an hour listing the huge damage done by Blair, Brown, Harman Smith and so on, to our country. At the end of that list I could name everyone of the kids killed by other kids on our streets because none of them have an identity of their own, a family (true family) of their own, a life to look forward too, an education to be proud of and a dream to live by.
THAT is what socialism has brought us and it is in those pools of wasted, thickening blood on our soil that socialism is summed up. Blood that cries out from the ground against those lunatics in Westminster! Those kids were Britain’s kids. OUR kids! They were not just statistics in some idiots filing cabinet. They were living, breathing, children stamped on by greedy bastards in suits and twin sets who still, with no sense of shame inside them, come onto our TVs and smirk their sick grins and talk down to us.
You are living in a fantasy land if you think that the British people will forget that in a hurry. It will take a lot more than this piece of self serving propaganda to heal those memories.

Why is it so many journalists think all that matters to the British people are the big subjects of the day. The NHS. Education. Jobs. Tax and so on? They matter but they are not all that matters. We also have families and we love them despite the socialists best efforts to destroy them.

Everyone of those families are a microcosm of our society. (That is OUR society — the one that belongs to the people — not the society the labour party and other politicians own, run and police for profit). In those families there are sick and elderly that need our help. Their are kids going off the rails. Single mums and dads trying hard to cope with unruly kids. Disabled, disenfranchised and mentally ill members. There are fathers working hard to feed their kids. Mothers doing the same. There are housewives who want to be and remain housewives in a land that seems to hate them. There are boys and girls putting themselves into harms way in wars we should never have gone near. There are tragic kids and smart kids. Thick kids and bright kids. Good mothers and appalling mothers. Good and bad dads. There are people who are isolated and others who are integrated. There are skilled and unskilled and on and on. Those families ARE our country and our people. Yet they are also the last to be heard. No matter how great or small their contribution, they have no voice and the reason they have no voice is because neither the press or the politicians pay anything but cursory attention to them. EXCEPT of course, when their votes are needed or some newspaper editor wants to squeeze money of them by publishing some sleaze ridden non story on the front pages about some half mad, dead celebrity.

So the press and the politicians witter on about stuff that the people of this land have less than a passing interest in most of the time because they are dealing with real pain, hardship and problems everyday on the pittance of money left to them after they have been taxed into the floor and seduced into huge debt they now cannot cope with. Over 70% of those same people DO NOT want to get into the EU; DO NOT want the EU constitution (because that is what it is) rammed down their throats against their will and yet neither the press nor the politicians are willing to hear that cry.


Because the press and the politicians went to bed together years ago and despite their protestations to the contrary, ceased to be free on the day that sick little union took place. Now, the press avoid the subject of the EU like the plague (except to praise it or to be ridiculous about it) because they agree with the politicians, that are going to try and foist their treason upon our people. A free press would be going nuts about that treason! Our simpering bunch of robots simply roll over and play dead.

The will of the people? Forget those plebs! Is the attitude.

Instead of a cry going up from the press that these things must stop, we get this nonsense from another lefty with no sense of reality! Anyone who still thinks Brown has an iota of morality in him is not living in the real world.

Vote for them? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING MARY! It is a damn disgrace that they have any poll figures left!

Now we have to look at the other side of the political coin. Faced with the worst government this country has ever seen and which has bankrupted the entire nation (yet again!) under the guise of having a “genius” for a chancellor (Blair’s words about Brown, not the words of anyone sane) our glorious opposition should have blown them out of the water a year ago. Instead, like lost little boys they follow, “call me Dave” about, trying to be all things to all men. Hoping it seems, that personality, a nice face and spin will fool us all again into voting for them.

To be fair, they do have reason for their hope. The British were dumb enough to give Labour three terms! I am thankful I was not one of them that did that stupidity.

I would rather stick red hot needles into my own eyes than vote for any of the half witted, talentless, gutless, greedy and psychotic idiots currently soiling the benches in Parliament with their presence. Like most of the people I know, the whine that some of them are “decent” and have a right to be trusted falls on deaf ears because, in their decency, they kept quite while our country was being raped!

Milibrand. Harman. Smith. Milburn. Brown. Blair. Straw. Mandelson. Kinnock. Blunket and on and on. These names read like (and should be) a roll call in a prison exercise yard and I have not even mentioned the Tories or the Lib Dems yet!


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