UK – Maggie Tuttle – Writes to all – Mums and Dads Apart

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To all the mums and dads apart.


I have this morning read some comments from justice4mothers, I would call the comments mud slinging, and I am referring to comments written to JimBWarrior but not only to Jim, are comments thrown, but to many fathers apart.


Amazing we also have an organisation called justice4fathers, so would some one tell me what is going on in this world of kids separated from parents, well of course its called a game of hate, and sod the kids, they are to young to know, Oh yes and to young to know that equal parenting is important in their little life’s.


So adults fall in love, (supposedly) Oh yes the four letter word love or was it the four letter word f—- such confusion, so lets have sex, its all the same, produce a kid, then after a time they join one of the organisations (justice for who ever) amazing that dads and mums have the same named organisation for mothers or fathers. 

Well if you want to produce kids then give them also equal rights or should we say justice4kids, 


And then teach them the meaning of the word love, love can be used in so many different contexts, give my love to Broadway, I send my love to you all, give my love to your family, so what does this word really mean when two people meet,? Yes the first is the attraction. 

And then to learn the word



§      TRUST




§      CARING

§      SHARING 50/50


§      BONDING

§      HONESTY




Words taken from a song. By Fats Domino


Be sure it’s true, when you say I love you

Because it’s a sin to tell a lie

Millions of hearts have been broken

Just because these words where spoken

I love you, yes I do

You know I love you

But if you break my heart you know I’ll die

So be sure it’s true

When you say I love you

It’s a sin to tell a lie.


The bible states.

Love thy Neighbour.    Love thy Enemy

Please all parents learn the meaning of love and friendship and to help your children caught in your love/hate, learn to talk to your partners over a cuppa.

Love thy Enemy. No you are not Enemies you just fell out of love.




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Up on Ration Shed; with thanks to Maggie Tuttle – UK – England – Essex – Southend-On-Sea – On Ration Shed – Signed Equal Pet.

FAMILY Orientated Authors are WELCOME.

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Onward – Jim


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