UK – Grandparents Apart UK – Press Release – Scottish mother who fled to Ireland, to get an high court hearing.

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Press release

18th July 2009                                                     


The Scottish mother who told everyone she was going to visit a friend in Belfast but fled to the republic of Ireland instead is to be given a hearing in the high court in Dublin. A court has sent social workers back to Scotland when they could not produce any legal documents.


The children were removed by Scottish social services but the mother claims she was misled by people she trusted in order for them to gain custody of her children.


Sobbing she says the days in Ireland with her daughter have been magic, she has begun to get her confidence back and keeps telling me “I love you mum” “She will not let me go anywhere but has to be with me”


A group in Ireland called Change Matters that the mother to go over to Ireland but when too many questions were asked the mother and daughter were put out to wander the streets. As a package was expected and had not arrived before she had to leave, the mother gave Change Matters her new address.  Irish social workers and the Irish police arrived shortly after and took her daughter away not even allowing them to say goodbye to each other.


There was a court appearance the next morning and the judge said he would not send a child anywhere without legal documents. There never has been any legal ruling on the removal of the children from the mothers care.


The mother has been desperate to get a fair hearing in Scotland but social services have constantly denied her the chance. She claims there is proof of social services committing offences against her and her family.




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Grandparents Apart UK

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