NZ – Daddy of the Fathers Coalition – 2006 when we were making history


I could not resist this walk down memory lane below before the Labour Govt destroyed the HandsOnEqualParent website, destroyed my Email ISP and infiltrated the New Zealand Yahoo and WordPress groups known as Paul’s, Chuck’s and Julie’s News, now run by Gatekeepers that carefully launder posts and keep the common Kiwi ignorant of many truths and weaken the power of united Protest, Demos, letter writing, while entertaining oneanother in pools of dispear going nowhere.

Much has changed and of course Javan is now 13 and living with his Mum as we sort out a few troubles made more difficult by WINZ (NZ Social Welfare) refusing to recognize our FAMILY Court Ordered **Equal Parenting**.

Strangely enough one runs out of money when the state funds one Parent yet not the other. 

It’s a miracle that we survived 9 years of week about **Equal Parenting** on an Invalids Benefit with NO help from WINZ.

Please read the 14-May-2006 article below as best you can, knowing that the reporter was NOT on side and some in the article is far from the truth. The LINK to the original knowlonger works so I can’t fix way the article has been damaged in the copying to wordpress. I hope someone has a copy I can use, I am more that happy to redo the article below.

However it will have to do at this time – Its as good as it gets in mainstream media as they play their part to distroy our **Whole Natural Biological FAMILIES** and the general populus chose to ingnor the FAMILYSIDE happening in front of their noses – The APATHY is deep within my own FAMILY who I have little to do with these days, simply because they where not there when Javan and I needed them.

This journey has also shown me who are CHRISTian mates and who where simply Religious pontificators durring most of my life,

Onward – Jim

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  NZ – Daddy of the Fathers Coalition    


 The article is more rounded if you purchase the paper as it has a real DAD and his SON Photo which is not caught in the link,2106,3667296a6442,00.html  Daddy of the Fathers Coalition 14 May 2006


Jim Bailey’s dads’ rights group made news last week when they picketed lawyers, judges and parliament’s Speaker. TIM HUME meets him.

Jim Bailey knows all about anger. It seethes from his emails – multicoloured rants about “feminazis” and their government-sponsored terrorism, heavy on capital letters but light on syntax, signed off by a “Jim B Warrior”. It’s plastered all over his van, the propaganda-laden “War-4-Kids Wagon” which ferries furious men to protests across the North Island. Even his T-shirt is outraged. “I am loyal to justice”, it blusters, in Bailey’s characteristically self-righteous, slightly baffling manner.

Anger is a manifestation of passion, he explains: it borders on divine. “A God-given gift to let you sort out a problem,” as he describes it. One of the best ways he has discovered to put it to work? “Getting out there and having a good go with a megaphone.”

Bailey, fathers’ rights activist and founder of the Hands-On Equal Parent Trust, has been doing a lot of that recently. The former taxi driver, now an invalid beneficiary living in Auckland, describes himself as “probably more responsible than anyone else” for the recent spate of rowdy protests outside the homes of Family Court judges and lawyers, which prompted principal judge Peter Boshier to speak out in condemnation.

Last Sunday, Bailey and about 15 other members of their radical Fathers Coalition picketed the homes of four lawyers and parliament’s Speaker Margaret Wilson in Tauranga, before moving on to Hamilton where two judges, three lawyers and an anger management class were targeted.

The men have all been radicalised by traumatic cases in the Family Court, which they feel is unfair to men, despite a 2002 Law Commission report which found no evidence of bias behind the perceptions.

“We’re there to expose what these people really do for a living,” says Bailey. “We cover the front lawn with signs. We’ve usually got someone there whose family has had dealings with that lawyer or judge and they get on the megaphone and tell their story. Then someone will go around with a brochure to 30-40 houses on either side, with a short note saying the neighbour we’re visiting today is destroying families.”

It’s an extreme tactic which has created a schism in the fathers’ rights movement – Bailey says most are opposed and some have threatened to blockade their vehicles to prevent the protests going ahead.

“Heaps of my mates are calling me going what the hell are you doing?”

But he says it’s a necessary move, born of “frustration that we’re not being listened to”.

“Nothing’s going to happen until we get personal.”

In the bedroom of his North Shore home, headquarters of the trust, Bailey is listening to Law Society family law chairman Simon Maude denouncing the protests on National Radio.

“We haven’t got the PR power these guys have – we wouldn’t need the demos if we did,” he says. “It’s about getting in the door of the Family Court and government, getting MPs listening to us. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Last Sunday’s colourful efforts made the TV news and Bailey was fined $600 by police for using a vehicle in a manner liable to cause offence. The family of the first lawyer targeted in Tauranga held their own by firing a volley of eggs at the protesters, while neighbours of the Hamilton convener of the anger management classes came out and angrily confronted the men.

“I think they were trying to defend this dear old lady (who ran the course),” says Bailey. “We weren’t the slightest bit interested in the dear old lady – we were interested in what was going on inside the house. It’s an organisation that takes contracts off the Family Court to reshape a man’s head – commonly known as anger management.”

That’s a concept which is, needless to say, anathema to Bailey and his ilk. Bailey says his anger started 11 years ago when his on-again, off-again partner left while pregnant with his child. The boy, Javan, was three months old before Bailey met him.

Javan now spends alternate weeks with each parent, but Bailey regrets that his parents never really knew their grandson before their health failed. With his inheritance from them, he bought the van, set up the website and established the trust to “guard an idea of presumptive hands on equal parenting” – something he hopes will ensure his own son and adult daughter will never lose their children.

“That means if a marriage breaks up it’s automatically assumed that mum and dad are of equal value to the kid and the kid will spend equal time with each.”

Bailey’s anger has not been mollified by the Care of Children Act 2004, which strengthened the concept of shared parenting by asserting children should have an ongoing relationship with both parents unless it is against their interests. He says it has done little to change the realities of the way the court treats men.

Bailey and Javan have always been inseparable during their weeks together. When Bailey was still driving for a living, he would bring Javan along in the taxi while he worked, and carved out a niche doing school runs where the toddler’s presence was a popular gimmick. Now that Bailey’s main activity is his activism, nothing has changed.

The business card he hands me is for “Javan S M Bailey, The Neatest, and his Dad”, and one of the regular highlights of father and son’s week is “Bacon Sandwiches”, their Saturday morning fathers’ rights discussion group-cum-playdate with other activists and their children.

“As the other guys get their kids back they become Javan’s friends. The kids he plays (online computer games) with, it’s more than likely their dads will be involved in these sorts of things.”

Bailey obviously sets great store in fatherhood – he asks me repeatedly if I am a father and castigates a former lawyer as clueless because he was childless -and he undoubtedly is a committed dad. But does he feel surrounding his son with the unrelenting hostility of his activism is damaging the boy?

“If I was a soccer coach, my son would more than likely be involved with me in most parts of my coaching. This happens to be what I do and because the need is great I live it. He does pay a price. I hate it when I see Javan reacting to it. It’s not comfortable for him. But what’s the alternative? Simply walk away and do nothing, I think that’s incredibly irresponsible.”

Javan’s mother did not wish to comment, except to say Bailey’s activism made life “very stressful” for her son.

The Fathers’ Coalition is trying to organise a national day of action next Sunday, but whatever the outcome, Bailey will continue his work. Two days a week he welcomes recently separated men at his home to provide them guidance on custody disputes. He reckons he sees about 200 a year but few return for a second visit, mostly, he says, because they usually want to deny custody to the mother altogether, something at odds with Bailey’s own “equal parenting” ethos.

“People that are angry and in anguish are so selfish,” he says, and you wonder if he can hear himself.


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May they never lose theirs because of our APATHY




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7 Responses to NZ – Daddy of the Fathers Coalition – 2006 when we were making history

  1. jimbwarrior says:

    To update this post – Javan came into my Day to Day Care 16-Aug-09 @ his request and his Mother and my mutual agreement signed with a WINZ – NZ Social Welfare Witness.

    Praise to our Father God Almighty

    Creator of ALL

    Father of Jesus Christ

    Our Lord

    Onward – Jim

    • Allan H says:

      Hey Jim,
      What wonderful news!!!!
      All those battles with WINZ over now.
      May you and Javan enjoy the time together.

  2. jimbwarrior says:

    Thanks Allan – Onward – Jim

  3. Karla says:

    That’s wonderful news, Jim and Javan. Hope always springs eternal, and your strength has held you in good stead throughout the years.

    • jimbwarrior says:

      Karla – YO – Thanks old mate – The real work can start now that WINZ have given me the funding – Ist time since 2000 when the body fell apart – – Onward – Jim

  4. Dave Cook says:

    Jim! Fntastic news! Of course WINZ will be right there with with an apology. Yeah right!
    Dave Cook

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