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Dear Jim,

In our last email covering Fathers Day activities we made a brief mention of the Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Families Act of 2009, a federal bill introduced by Senator Bayh of Indiana.  The House companion bill was introduced by Rep. Danny Davis of Illinois.

The legislation focuses primarily on programs to benefit low income fathers and contains a number of positive provisions.  For instance, low income fathers will be able to get a break on child support arrearages under certain circumstances.  The entire bill is over 100 pages, here’s a copy for those who enjoy this type of reading.

We believe the bill can go much further in addressing the issues faced by fathers in general, particularly providing relief for parents who have been separated from their children by the family courts. 

There are a half dozen provisions that would improve the legislation and we need your help to get them implemented.

A Unique Opportunity

We have a tremendous opportunity to positively effect this legislation as it moves through Congress.  To succeed we need your involvement.  A working group dedicated to getting the message to our federal legislators is forming. 

We are asking YOU to join the working group and commit to taking the message for improving this bill directly to your Senator and Representative.  We need two people from every legislative district in the nation (435 districts) to serve as point people and commit to delivering the message.  Your legislators will be leaving Washington, DC for the summer recess on August 10 and returning to DC after Labor Day.  Let’s use that period to get in front of them on our issues. 

We will be hosting a teleconference shortly to provide plan details and training for those who sign up to participate.  We will provide the necessary materials and information in order to get you in front of your legislators.  We will also share information on the public schedules for your legislators so you can talk with them about our issues as they meet with constituents.  We are not asking for a significant time commitment, perhaps two to three hours over the next two months.  As former ACFC President, Dr. Stephen Baskerville, is fond of saying; “It’s time to change the topic of conversation to our concerns.”

To become a member of the working group please go to this link and fill out the FORM.

Please also forward this email (there is a link below) to other fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents as well as parenting/family law/custody reform groups, yahoo groups,facebook and myspace friends and invite them to participate in this endeavor.  We have a tremendous opportunity, the time is now.

As a quick update, over 11,000 people have signed the Shared Parenting petition on ACFC’s home page.  Every state is represented, as well as over half a dozen foreign countries.  

Thanks in advance to all of you who will be participating in this initiative, we’re looking forward to working together.


Mike McCormick, Exec. Dir.




ACFC Washington Office 1718 M St. NW. #187 Washington, DC 20036
Telephone: 800-978-3237 Email:



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