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One of the most disturbing aspects of politicians in Britain today is their tendency to treat everyone who is not in their little club, like children. For example, take David Cameron’s recent idea to ‘confiscate’ vandals mobile phones. On the face of it – and if you are one of those callow youths brought up in this country in the last thirty five to forty years under a tide of ultra left wing, Marxist brainwashing as Cameron has been – such an idea sounds perfectly reasonable to you. He will see absolutely no inconsistency between this ‘new idea’ and the other ideas his party has for strengthening the family in Britain.
The chain of command needed to implement this policy idea will not be a very long one and the cost to the public purse will be virtually zero. A politician will tell a few senior police officers to tell their underlings to go out and take mobiles away from vandals. The view of this policy of the kids themselves will be utterly cynical and it will look like just another — this time, uniformed tier — has been added to the the local muggers already stealing their phones from them and will do nothing but undermine all further respect for the police and harden attitudes against our society that cause the vandal problem in them in the first place. Cameron, of course, will be trying to tap into the idea of taking revenge against law breakers by doing things to them that they will really hate and seeking, yet again, the lowest common denominator vote from the public.
Now, to young Dave, addled as he was by his Marxist professors in University and other places, This all sounds perfectly fine. It sounds like the people fighting back.
The problem is that it is NOT the people doing the fighting. Once again, the State will have decided that IT and NOT the parents of these kids know best and that IT and NOT the parents are going to tackle the problem. The parents have been elbowed out of the way and the State is going to be the new proxy mummy and daddy of our children. It would be hard to find a more Marxist policy unless you created one telling us that the State had decided to execute all Christians and impose a national, Marxist approved, State religion for the masses. (Watch this space, Tony Blair and Barak Obama. It may be coming faster than you think!)
What ‘call me Dave’ is missing in all of this is that the people have been as brainwashed as he has and they also see the State as their mummy and daddy. He must set himself free of these loony left ideas before he can set the country free and encourage our people — who have been turned into children themselves by endless socialist diktats from above down the years – to grow up and take responsibility themselves for their own children, neighbourhoods, public property and so on.
Our parents have not become children themselves because they are somehow a more stunted generation by reason of some natural process gone awry. It is because they have been taught, by socialism to become children. All of their natural tendencies to want to grow up have been stalled by messages pounded into them at school, in the media, in the political leaflets put through their doors, through TV programs, radio shows and on and on. One of the most persistent and pervasive messages given to them is that young is good and old is worthless. Why then would they want to grow up and become adults?
Some years ago a magazine — that shall remain nameless — did an article about me and my work with abused men. This involved me attending a photo shoot in an old pub that had a photo studio upstairs, somewhere in London. When the whole thing was over I received a telephone call from the magazine’s sub editor. She wanted to know if, when they printed the piece, it would be OK for them to knock a few years off of my real age before they went to print with the story. When I asked why, she explained that young people reading the magazine would be more likely to listen to what I was saying if they felt there was not too great an age gap between them and myself. I agreed to this madness because the subject was too important to let this become a stumbling block to getting the message out. However, when I thought about it afterwards, I realised just how pathetic and socially dangerous such thinking was. I also realised just how deeply this inane and insulting behaviour from the young towards their elders in our society, had been fed and allowed to fester in their childish little heads. Is it any wonder then that parents drip fed this rubbish since the sixties, cannot grow up themselves and that their children have no respect for anyone more than ten years older than they are? THAT, is what must be reversed if we are too fix our broken society and deal with vandals. Stealing their phones by making policemen into an army of pseudo-headmasters is not going to cut it Dave!
As a people we have to shake ourselves free of socialist teachings, philosophies and ideas that have been pounded into our heads for two generations. That means allowing ourselves to grow up and take personal responsibility again, but it means much more than just that. We also have to learn how it happened, why it happened and how to prevent it happening again in the future. It means that we have to resist using the State as a surrogate parent. It means we have to retrain our society to love and respect our elders, marriage, children, property, personal freedom, society itself and so on and that means breaking the power of the Socialist yoke in our own heads. It means shaking off ways of thinking that have become habitual. It means teaching people how to grow up again. We need counter propaganda Dave!That means we need grown up politicians who have done the same things themselves and too themselves in order to free themselves from the same Marxist thinking. That in turn means that YOU Dave and your entire team have got to grow up too and learn to break the same yoke in your own heads!
This societal obsession with all things youff (Sic) is perverse and is causing all of the problems we are facing today. We are faced with an endless succession of idiots on our TV and movie screens who have no idea what real life is like. Instead, they have heads filled with a mixture of half hippy, half insane socialist drivel. They are children in every way because they have never been allowed to grow up. Stunted, not by some disturbing unknown psychological illness but by the politics of the lunatic left which has encouraged them to be and act stupid. Dumbed down to childishness because it suits their political wannabe masters to keep them that way. When you are trying to build a massive Marxist/Communist super state in Europe, for example, the last thing you want is a lot of adult thinkers getting in the way. The best thing to do is to keep them obsessed with pathetic soap opera stories, the puerile behaviour of insanely childish celebrities like the late Michael Jackson, sex,* drugs and computer games. Anything, but what you are up too. Marginalise the elder members of society by ridiculing them constantly and the ‘kiddies’ you adore will take no notice at all as their freedom is stolen because they are all too self obsessed and daft to notice.
In other words, create the BBC staff mindset in everyone else. If you want to see how damaging this Socialist/Marxist thinking and propaganda really is, look what it is doing to the immature minds of the BBC news staff on our TVs! They have become the single most damaged group of people in media anywhere and only America’s Fox News presenters come anywhere near them in terms of brainwashing. This ought to be ringing alarm bells in all of our heads but of course, those bells cannot ring if your own personal brainwashing has cut the circuit they rely on to function. To the BBC, the EU monster is a friend. Nothing you can say to them will wake them up because they have been programmed to see differently from normal adult people. They are conditioned to ignore evidence that goes against their programmers ideological imperatives. Thus when they are presented with proof of something that does not compute with their internal programming they become like Daleks and start screaming, in hysterical, not quite human ways, “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!”
This Dave, is what you have to overcome. Stealing mobile phones from brainwashed kids, dragged up by brainwashed parents, conditioned by brainwashed politicians, and a brainwashed media is not going to scratch the surface of the real problem. You need to drop your arrogant disregard for the elders in your party and start learning from those around you who resisted this endless Socialist mind-stealing that has been going on in Britain for the last fifty years. Do it now Dave because this lot are waiting for that free generation to die off and once they do, all opposition to them will be buried along with them. This is why they are always bleating on about ‘people of a certain age’ stubbornly holding out against them. They have got the young sewn up. It is the elders in our society they really fear because those elders know and remember what freedom looks like.
Wake up Dave!
Stop trying to be our mummy and daddy and start teaching real mummies and daddies how to be free. That means, get free yourself by listening to those you are being encouraged to ignore. Those people who sit on the benches opposite you are not your friends Dave. They are your potential masters and they are very, very, dangerous. Unless you learn to take that seriously and to understand why it is so, you will never make a great leader.
*look up The History Of Political Correctness” on Youtube.

George Rolph
14th July 09.


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