NZ – Open Letter to Judge McHardy

Thanks to, Brent matches – NZ – Auckland City – Orakie

Stay Strong Brent – We MUST stand against these Injustices – Don’t let them ABUSE your desire to Father Zavier – However to touch the system is to teach it how to expand – Get out ASAP with your Son

Onward – Jim



9 March 2009
Family Court
Ref: 2006-004-001494
Attention: Judge McHardy.
I do not wish for any appointment of new counsel to assist. I have no faith that any lawyer appointed by the courts has worked in the best interests of my son. If needed I shall use a Mackenzie friend to cross examine.
 “The Temporary Protection Order is made without evidence having been tested, in that respect Mr Matches reserves his position. It is directed by consent the question of whether the protection order should remain in place (or indeed whether there is justification for it being in existence).”
Judge JG Adams. 13 March 2008.
Why was there ever an order made when the Police report stated there was no case and no assaults. Miss Gribble kidnapped Zavier William Matches for 31 days. Miss Debbie Gribble has placed three malicious allegations before the courts and it would appear to be immune from retrospective analysis as to why is this happening?
Could you please explain why that Robert J Collis, lawyer for child, has not made contact with me for more than 128 days and now wants to delay the hearing to suit his needs and not that of the child? March 20th is a telephone conference and not a judicial conference. I request that Robert Collis be directed to brief out the case.
Judge McHardy, your statement 05 March that “There is a need to focus on the needs of Zavier.” The Family Court has sat on their hands on a file which stated in April of last year from Sarah J Calvert, Psychologist. “In my opinion a week about arrangement lessens the chance of conflict and encourages both parents to be fully engaged in Zavier’s day to day life. Changeover could occur (FROM JULY 2008)


Sarah Calvert went on to say that things were more likely to settle if there is formal shared parenting 50/50.
Miss Gribble stated to the psychologist “Brent is extremely responsible, honest and hard working ….he is a devoted and extremely good father and had no concerns for Zavier when in his fathers care.”

This report was written 300 days ago and you are now subjecting my son to more delay and alienation from the court. Robert Collis can brief out the case. If I
do not receive a response to this letter then I will take it you do not wish to hear the case.

Brent Matches




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